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Anthropogenic Stalactites Continued

So for these last few renders, I built on the critiques from everyone with some inspiration from a 3D artist Mike Winkleman or as he is known online and social media Beeple. He uses Cinema 4D. He is also known for creating a new image every day and has been doing so for almost 13 years. For the first four images, I took what everyone said in critic and ran with it. I made a desk and sketchbook to help flesh out the scene and tried to make the lighting look natural as I could. For the next three images, I was lost and unsure of what to make, so I started to scroll through Instagram when I rediscovered Mike Winkleman’s work. I found his work last year, and I connected with it. So I am making a Beeple-esque piece. It was a fun experiment into some of the more advanced features of C4D and the dues and don’ts. Like DON’T make a massive scene and activate ray tracing shadows. I did this, and the seventh image took 51 minutes and 30 seconds to render, and it shows in detail. For the last four images are my Final Anthropogenic Stalactite images. Well, working on this, I couldn’t get the image from one of the artists we were shown in class with all the objects spiraling around in a void. This render was an experiment in trying to recreate something along those lines. I was unable to figure out a faster way to recreate it other than placing the objects individually. So I ended up making a mandala of sorts. I tried to use a space texture for the background, but I didn’t care for how it looked. So, I changed it to a matte black background, and you can see more shadows and the different colored lights that I used to light it in the last two images.

Artist Credits –

Screw Driver – Moxuan Li

Cat Plush – Avee Izabel Oabel

Lego Man Figure – Dylan Rush


Project 2: Anthropogenic Stalactites

I really enjoyed this project. Being able to be just create was very freeing. I was only able to get four out of the five objects created due to a technical issues. The four objects that I made were wire cutters, mechanical pencil, ball peen hammer, and headphones. All these objects are connected to my favorite ways to create art or my process to create art. Wire work, metal work, drawing, and music. The object I enjoyed creating the most was the Headphones. It is by far the most complicated object out of all of them. I wish I had more time to work materials for the objects.

Project 1 progress

I have been struggling on how to finish this project. I am not sure if I should fully paint the figure, because of how much I enjoy the patterns that are on it from the 3D printing process. I enjoy the somewhat transparent nature of the material. The text I went with was “I Like my privacy.” A juxtaposition on the sculpture with the figure poring his “mind and thoughts” into their phone.


Project 1 3-D Renders

This is my first time creating something digital in 3-D. Everything that I have made digitally in the past has been in 2-D. Mostly using Photoshop to edit pictures or ever draw and paint. Well creating this I get the feeling that I am actually making a sculpture without all the mess. I have made a couple changes to the project. In my original sketches I chose to not add a face and have more muscle definition. I chose to add a face and scrap most of the muscle definition to allow people to connect with the figure. I’m still not sure on the color the person is going to be. I wanted to see what a flesh tone would look like on the model.

Project 1

For my first project I was inspired by mostly TV shows. The two are Black Mirror and Love, Death, and Robots. The episode of Black Mirror that I was thinking of was “Nosedive.” The episode is a commentary on Social Media. The episode of Love, Death, and Robots is “Zima Blue.” The art style of this episode from this episode. For this project my found object is an outdoor water faucet.

Netflix, Black Mirror, “Nosedive”
Netflix, Love, Death, and Robots, “Zima Blue”

My project is about how we as a society over share. A faceless person is pouring their thoughts into their phone.